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Our company

Rob Snel consists of two different companies with a joint identity and yet each has its own areas of specialisation.
Both companies supply products and services for the shipbuilding and manufacturing industry.


Rob Snel Technische Groothandel supplies commercial items

Rob Snel Technische Groothandel is specialised in the supply of hinges and locks for shipbuilding and industry, domestically and abroad. We distinguish ourselves with our extensive product range and our many years of experience.

The office and warehouse are located in our modern business premises in Sliedrecht.

Our product range includes:

  • Locks and hinges for shipbuilding and industry
  • Rubber profiles and gaskets
  • Manholes, handholes and bottom plugs


More information about our commercial products

Pand Rob Snel

Rob Snel Metaal & Techniek delivers custom items

Rob Snel Metaal & Techniek is specialised in manufacturing watertight doors and hatches and sheet-metal work for the shipbuilding industry. We distinguish ourselves with our huge variety of options to fulfil the diverse wishes of our customers. Our workshop is equipped with an extensive range of machinery, with which, in principle, everything can be realised. Our services:

  • Manufacturing of watertight doors and hatches
  • Cutting and bending
  • Water cutting
  • Sheet-metal working
  • Processing of steel, stainless steel and aluminium for the shipping, industrial and contracting sectors

Our partners

netwerk van verkooppunten

We are operating more and more internationally.
We cannot do this without working with partners.

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Our customers

We have a wide variety of customers.
Customers appreciate our customer focus and are therefore loyal.

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Our customers

Our vision

Onze visie

Our company is customer-oriented. Keywords are: quality, speed and flexibility.
In our vision, we have expressed what this means for the customer and the market in which we operate:

  • We know the shipbuilding market and know who are the biggest players in that market.
  • We engage in active dialogue with our customers. We know what our customers want and respond to it. Customers know what products and services we can offer them.
  • Customers know how to find us. The website is an important tool in this respect. Customers can find the information they need on the website.
  • We are one of the main suppliers of watertight doors and hatches, hinges and locks as well as manholes for the shipbuilding industry.
  • Commercial items can be delivered quickly from stock. The customer can choose from numerous configurations.
  • In our construction workshop, we deliver custom items and often build to customer specifications.
  • Our advanced machinery is unique. It enables us to make products that our competitors are often unable to.

Our history

The company was born in 1969 when Rob Snel started building steel hulls at the Baanhoek in Sliedrecht. Since then, the company has undergone a great development. Over 50 years later, the company is located on Industrieweg in Sliedrecht and consists of two branches: Rob Snel Metaal & Techniek, where son Sebastian is at the helm, and Rob Snel Technische Groothandel, run by sons Maurice and Sebastian.

More information about our history including unique photos from days long gone

het eerste pand aan de Baanhoek in Sliedrecht

Our team

We work with a small, motivated team to ensure the smooth running and further development of our companies. Everyone in our team has their own field of specialisation. Our common goal is to have you, the customer, be satisfied with our products and our service.

Our employees in the workshop have little contact with customers. They are busy with production, i.e. transforming sheet material into finished products. The employees that you, as a customer, may have contact with are listed below, including the role they play in our company.

Team van Rob Snel Technische Groothandel
Employees of Rob Snel Technische Groothandel (Jan 2022)
Team van Rob Snel Metaal en Techniek
Employees of Rob Snel Metaal & Techniek (Jan 2022)
Sebastian Snel
  • Owner/director of Rob Snel Metaal & Techniek
  • Owner/director of Rob Snel Technische Groothandel
  • Tenders and work preparation for Rob Snel Metaal & Techniek
  • Desk for technical questions
Rob Lakerveld
  • Preparing orders for Rob Snel Technische Groothandel
  • Delivery of orders
  • Warehouse management
Maurice Snel
  • Owner/director of Rob Snel Technische Groothandel
  • Supervising the following of the plotted course
  • Further development of the company
  • Working exclusively for Rob Snel Technische Groothandel
Arthur in ‘t Veld
  • Workshop manager
  • In the absence of Sebastian, contact person with regard to work preparation and planning
  • Working exclusively for Rob Snel Metaal & Techniek
Rob Labree
  • Offers/order processing for Rob Snel Technische Groothandel
  • First point of contact for customers
  • Helpdesk for questions about (technical) solutions
  • Accounting
Annette Overduin
  • Invoicing
  • Debtor management
  • General matters

Working at

We are regularly looking for new employees to strengthen our team.
If you would like to know if there are any vacancies at the moment, please check our vacancies page (in Dutch).


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