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Eye bolts

Looking for eye bolts? Rob Snel offers a diverse product range! Choose the right size and material and add the bolts to your quote request right away!

More information

More information about eye bolts

What exactly are eye bolts intended for?

Eye bolts, also known as dog bolts, clamp bolts or swing bolts, are used to attach or clamp two parts together, such as connecting a door to a frame or a hatch to a coaming. As the name suggests, this type of bolt has an eye on one end. This is why eye bolts often serve as a pivot.

Stainless steel eye bolt

Stainless steel eye bolt

Eye bolt in hinge

Eye bolt in hinge

Eye bolt in hatch toggle

Eye bolt in hatch toggle

Applications of eye bolts include door hinges and hatch toggles.

Eye bolts for hatch toggles

One potential application of eye bolts is in door hinges (see photo). How is it done?

  1. On the door frame, weld a bridge for each hinge (or use a threaded bush instead of a bridge.
  2. Drill a hole in this bridge that will fit the eye bolt.
  3. Screw a hexagon nut on the eye bolt on both sides of the bridge. This will allow the door to fit tighter to the frame.
  4. Adjust the construction so that the frame presses tightly enough into the rubber to make the door weather or waterproof. Ship doors subject to certification must undergo testing supervised by a classification agency.
  5. Done! The door and hinge plate pivot around the eye of the eye bolt.

We can supply eye bolts separately or as part of an adjustable hinge.

We supply other parts for doors such as door toggles, wedges, central closing systems, locks and rubber.

Broadly applicable and can be shortened as required

The eye bolts in Rob Snel’s product range have the added benefit of being widely applicable and the bolt never protrudes too far. This is because they:

  • Are full threaded. The thread continues along the entire length of the bolt. As a result, you can screw the nut on a lot further than with shorter threaded bolts.
  • Can be shortened to the desired length. If the eye bolt protrudes a bit, simply shorten it without worrying about running out of thread.


Select the type of eye bolt you need

Rob Snel offers a diverse range of eye bolts. How do you know exactly which one you need? Features to look out for:

  • The material: stainless steel or brass
    What material you need depends on exactly what application you are using the eye bolt for. While stainless steel eye bolts are mostly known for their extreme corrosion resistance, brass offers a reputable self-lubricating ability.
  • The diameter: M10, M12 or larger?
    Do you see M16 eye bolt or M20 eye bolt in the product description? This number indicates the diameter of the product. An M16 eye bolt has a diameter of 16 millimetres and an M20 eye bolt has a diameter of 20 millimetres. Choose the diameter you need for the job.
  • The length: between 80 and 280 millimetres
    We offer eye bolts with a length between 80 and 280 millimetres (depending on the bolt diameter). What length you need depends on exactly what application you are using the eye bolt for. Good to know: each eye bolt can be shortened to the desired length. For that reason, it is better for the bolt to be too long than too short.


Request a risk-free quote right away

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