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Bulkhead flanges

A bulkhead flange is welded on or into the sheet metal as a conduit for piping to be connected. Flanges are available in various dimensions and tapped on one or two sides (with blind threaded holes). Our bulkhead flanges comply with the European Standard EN 1092-1. All our flanges are of pressure class PN10.

More information

More information about bulkhead flanges

Applications and advantages of bulkhead flanges

Bulkhead flanges are mainly used in industries such as shipbuilding, petrochemicals and energy. These components play a crucial role in connecting pipelines and provide structural support, sealing and leak tightness.

One of the main functions of bulkhead flanges is to facilitate pipeline maintenance and repairs. For example, when maintenance is required on a specific section of pipe, bulkhead flanges can be easily unscrewed, allowing that section of pipe to be opened without disturbing the rest of the system. This makes inspection, cleaning or replacement of parts much more efficient.

In addition, bulkhead flanges help minimise leaks and provide a reliable seal between adjacent pipelines.

Choose the bulkhead flange you need

Our supply programme offers various types of steel bulkhead flanges:

  • Versions: tapped single-sided and double-sided
  • Diameter: from ½” to 14″

Also available in other sizes or materials. Ask about the possibilities.

Single-sided tapped bulkhead flange
Single-sided tapped bulkhead flange
Double-sided tapped bulkhead flange
Double-sided tapped bulkhead flange

The internal dimension (d1) for single-sided tapped bulkhead flanges is based on the external dimension of the pipe and for double-sided tapped bulkhead flanges this dimension (d1) is based on the internal dimension of the pipe.

In the datasheet bulkhead flanges, you will find our entire range of bulkhead flanges.