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Hatch toggles

By turning the hatch toggles, the coaming presses into the rubber seal of the hatch making the hatch watertight. The degree of watertightness is determined by the number of hatch toggles used, the rubber seal used and the force with which the toggles are tightened. A hatch toggle normally consists of an eye bolt, a mounting bridge and a bow nut or butterfly nut.

More information

More information about hatch toggles

Eye bolts, bow nuts and butterfly nuts are available in brass and in stainless steel. These materials can be used in various combinations.
Eye bolts are available in various sizes (bolt thicknesses and bolt lengths).
Mounting bridges are available in stainless steel and aluminium.

Bow nut & butterfly nut

Hatch toggles are available in two types: with bow nut and with butterfly nut (see images below).
Would you like to know more about the different types of nuts? On the nuts page, you will find our entire range and detailed information on the various types and their application.

Hatch toggle with brass bow nut

Hatch toggle with
brass bow nut

Hatch toggle with stainless-steel butterfly nut

Hatch toggle with
stainless-steel butterfly nut

Mounting set

Mounting set

Clamp plate

Clamp plate


Various versions

The various types consist of a number of individual components that can be combined in various ways:

  • Type of eye bolt: brass or stainless steel
  • Type of bow nut or butterfly nut: brass or stainless steel
  • We advise against using brass components (eye bolts, bow nuts or butterfly nuts) on an aluminium hatch. This can lead to problems, especially in a saltwater environment. Because of the large voltage difference between brass and aluminium, galvanic corrosion can occur.
  • Brass and stainless-steel parts can be combined. It is also possible to choose both a brass eye bolt and a brass nut or a stainless-steel clamp bolt and a stainless-steel nut. In order to prevent the thread from eroding, a brass butterfly nut or bow nut is often chosen in combination with a stainless-steel eye bolt.
  • The separate components can also be put together entirely as you wish.

Stainless-steel components are always quality stainless steel 316 (stainless-steel plate material and profiles) or A4 (bolts and nuts).

Most components can also be supplied separately.