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Weld-on hinges

Buy your weld-on hinges at Rob Snel! Select the type and size you need, request a risk-free quote and have your weld-on hinges delivered fast!

More information

More information about weld-on hinges

What exactly is a weld-on hinge?

Weld-on hinges are metal hinges mostly used for lighter applications. As the name suggests, both hinge blades are attached by welding them to a door, hatch, frame or similar.

The brass hinge pin is riveted and connects the hinge blades. Brass rings between the two hinge blades ensure a smooth hinge.

If you need a heavier hinge, choose one of the other hinge types in our range.

Weld-on hinge

Weld-on hinge

Weld-on bullet hinge

Weld-on bullet hinge


Weld-on hinges are known by various names

There is a lot of confusion about which name to choose. Weld-on hinges are often used as a synonym for weld-on bullet hinges. But weld-on bullet hinges are something very different than weld-on hinges, in our view. Weld-on bullet hinges consist of two drop-shaped profiles without hinge blades.

Weld-on hinges can be rotated both horizontally and vertically.
Weld-on bullet hinges can only be rotated horizontally.

Choose the weld-on hinge you need

We offer steel weld-on hinges in various sizes:

  • Width (open): our weld-on hinges have a width of between 60 and 200 millimetres.
  • Height: our weld-on hinges have a height of between 30 and 80 millimetres when open.
  • Thickness: the thickness of the hinge blades is 5 mm for the smallest weld-on hinges and 6 mm for the largest.


Get a risk-free quote right away

Order your weld-on hinges at Rob Snel. You can add weld-on hinges to your enquiry. Request a risk-free quote and quickly receive more information about the price. After your confirmation, we will make sure you receive the weld-on hinges in no time! Learn more about the ordering process here.