Overview of commercial products


Our commercial products are divided into the following item groups:

Door toggles
Hatch toggles
Manholes, bottom plugs and bulkhead flanges
Rubber seales
Miscellaneous items
Hot deals

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Door toggles

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We have an extensive range of door toggles. These are available in various types: standard, blind, flush or central locking. Outer tubes are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminium, handles in forged steel and polished stainless steel. The various components are available in a large number of combinations.

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Hatch toggles

Hatch toggles consist of a mounting set with an eye bolt on which a butterfly nut or a bow nut is screwed. Eye bolts, butterfly nuts and bow nuts are available in brass and in stainless steel. Mounting bridges are available in stainless steel and aluminium. The various components are available in a large number of combinations.

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Doors and hatches are fitted with hinges Our product range includes hinges in all shapes and sizes. We have adjustable hinges, slotted hinges, long hinges, heavy duty hatch hinges, weld-on hinges and weld-on bullet hinges. The advantage of adjustable hinges is that they can be adjusted to ensure proper compression of the rubber seals. This is required by class for doors and hatches that must be weatherproof and watertight.

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We have a small range of locks. These include stainless steel latch locks, deadbolts and rim locks that can be supplied as left-hand or right-hand, in various lengths. In addition, we have latch locks, door catches, rim locks, deadbolts, triangular locks and numerous separate components in our product range.

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Manholes, bottom plugs and bulkhead flanges

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Our range includes a large number of products that function as conduits in sheet metal. For example, there are manholes in steel, stainless steel and aluminium. These are available in round and oval types, as surface-mounted and as flush constructions, as well as in various dimensions. In addition to the extensive range of manholes, handholes are also usually supplied from stock. The principle of a handhole is similar to that of a manhole. Because of its smaller dimensions, a handhole, as the name suggests, is intended solely for access to a tank with an arm or hand. The same product group also includes bulkhead flanges and bottom plugs.

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Rubber seals

We supply various types of rubber profiles and rubber gaskets. Rubber profiles are used for, among other things, watertight sealing of doors and hatches; rubber gaskets are used for watertight sealing of manholes and handholes. In most cases, our rubber gaskets are made of EPDM with a sponge rubber core. This means that the core of the rubber has an open cell structure which makes it light and flexible. The rubber has a skin which makes the outside smooth. EPDM is very resistant to sunlight and other weather influences. The gaskets are available in various sizes and hardnesses.

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Products that cannot be placed in one of the above product groups are placed in this product group. The result is a diverse collection of different products that are usually directly or indirectly related to the products in the other product groups.

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Hot deals

In this category, you will find products that we offer at a discount. In most cases, these are discontinued products. It therefore applies that the stock is limited and, once we have run out of stock, we are no longer able to deliver them.

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