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Door toggles

By turning the door toggles over wedges welded to the frame, the door profile presses into the door rubber seals and the door is sealed watertight. Door toggles are available in various types: standard, flush, blind and central locking. The central lock is available separately or as an integral part of a watertight door (the so-called Quick-Pin type).

More information

More information about door toggles

The pictures below show the differences between the different types of door toggles.

Standard door toggle

Standard door toggle

Flush door toggle

Flush door toggle

Blind door toggle

Blind door toggle

Loose 3-point lock

Centrally operated door toggle (separate)

3-point lock QuickPIN

Centrally operated door toggle (QuickPin)


Applications of door toggles

The above types are used in the following way:

  • Standard door toggles are used when a room has to be opened and closed from both sides.
  • Flush door toggles are used if no protrusions, which could cause people to trip or get caught in (e.g. flush hatches), are permitted. By using flush door toggles, the room can only be opened and closed from one side with a lever. If necessary, the flush side of the door toggle can be opened using a pipe spanner.
  • Blind door toggles are used if a room is to be accessed from one side only, such as an escape door or escape hatch in an engine room.
  • With central locking, several door toggles are operated simultaneously by means of one lever. As a result, doors can be locked or unlocked with a single action. Central locks are available in two versions:
    • Separate central locking: several toggles in the vertical plane are operated at once;
    • Quick-Pin: several toggles in both the vertical and horizontal plane can be operated at once.


Various versions

The various types consist of a number of individual components that can be combined in various ways:

  • Outer bush type: steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • Lever type: steel (forged) or polished stainless steel
  • A stainless-steel bushing is always combined with a polished stainless-steel lever.
  • A steel or aluminium bushing is always combined with steel levers.
  • A stainless-steel lever and stainless-steel toggle are always combined with a steel or aluminium bushing.
  • The separate components can also be put together differently as required.

The welding bush of each door toggle is fitted with a grease nipple.

Stainless-steel components are always quality stainless steel 316 (stainless-steel plate material and profiles) or A4 (bolts and nuts).

Most components can also be supplied separately.

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