Watertight hatches

There are many different versions of weatherproof and watertight hatches. The hatches can be delivered on a corner frame, a flush frame, a low coaming from flat bar or a high coaming from plate.

Our hatches can be fitted with hatch toggles that can only be operated from the outside. It is also possible to apply separate door toggles that can be operated from the outside with a lever, hatches that can be operated from the inside with a lever and from the outside with a key, or hatches that can only be operated from the inside.

Furthermore, hatches are available with a central locking mechanism that is unlocked by means of a lever or a hand wheel. There are many types of centrally locking hatches available, such as blind on the outside or with a countersunk head that can be unlocked with a key.

Hatches can be supplied with an individual certificate from BV, Lloyd’s and DNV GL, among others, on request.

The materials we use for our hatches are:

  • Staal Grade A
  • Aluminium 5083-H111
  • Stainless Steel 316L

The hatches can be equipped with various options:

  • Straight corner, round corners, round or oval
  • Gas springs
  • Spring-loaded hinges
  • Plates for padlocks

There are many options. The photos below of hatches that we have supplied in the past give an idea of the options.

Would you like a different type of solution? Please ask us about the options.