What we can do


Sheet-metal working

In the production hall, we have advanced equipment for processing various types of steel, aluminium and stainless steel.
The options for this, as well as the customisation of sheet metal and profiles, are virtually unlimited.
Below, you will find additional information about the capabilities of some of our machines.


Our machine park has two plate cutters for cutting sheet metal up to a width of 6200 mm.
The maximum thickness of the sheets to be cut is 16 mm for steel and 20 mm for aluminium.

knippen van een plaat met de schaar
zetten van een plaat op de kantbank


We have 2 folding presses (also called press brakes) for bending profiles and flanges on plates.
The largest folding press has a maximum press force of 800 tons, which enables us to press the following types of plates:

  • 12 mm steel over a length of 8000 mm
  • 16 mm steel over a length of 6000 mm

For this machine, we have various radius punches at our disposal: R3, R10, R20, R30, R50 and R60.

Water cutting

Our water cutter cuts any desired part with great accuracy. This is done with water and sand at a pressure of 4200 bar.
The cutting range is 6096 x 2032 mm.
Plates with a thickness up to 35 mm belong to our stock and can be cut effortlessly with the water cutter.
Cutting thicker plates is also possible, in most cases. Please ask us about the options.

deuren en luiken die gereed liggen voor transport

Doors and hatches

Doors and hatches are always made to measure. This enables us to fulfil all your wishes and requirements.
We can produce doors and hatches that are watertight, weatherproof or gas-proof, test them and, on request, deliver them complete with certificate.

We make doors and hatches to measure. You tell us what you want, and we will make it based on a drawing you provide or a drawing we make based on the specifications you provide.
The doors and hatches can be made watertight, weatherproof or gas-proof.
If required, we can also test whether the produced doors and hatches fulfil these requirements.
On request, doors and hatches can be delivered complete with certificate.
For the production of watertight doors, we use a bending machine to bend the door frames.

  • Watertight doors Watertight hatches