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Manholes and handholes have the function of granting access to a confined space. The only difference between manholes and handholes is the size of the opening: an adult fits through a manhole, whereas only a hand or an arm fits through a handhole. Manholes and handholes are composite items which consist of a manhole ring, a manhole cover, a rubber gasket, bolts and possibly a coaming welded to the manhole ring (depending on the type).

More information

More information about manholes

A manhole can also be referred to as tank opening or inspection opening. Some customers use the term manhole cover, although we see it as part of a complete manhole.

Manholes and handholes come in many shapes and sizes:

  • Materials: steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • Shapes: oval or round
  • Types: surface-mounted or flush (in various versions)
  • Number of bolts: varying from 22 bolts to a version with only one (central) bolt
  • Dimensions: various sizes


Oval manholes

The oval manholes are often used. They come in the following types:

Manhole type A: Surface-mounted

Type A: Surface-mounted

Manhole type B: Surface-mounted with coaming

Type B: Surface-mounted with coaming

Manhole type C: Heavy-duty model with thick cover (flush)

Type C: Heavy-duty model with thick cover (flush)

Manhole type D: Heavy duty model with thin cover (flush)

Type D: Heavy duty model with thin cover (flush)


Stainless steel manholes

The stainless-steel and aluminium manholes are fitted with stainless-steel bolts as standard.
Steel manholes are standard delivered without bolts. Galvanised or stainless-steel bolts can be ordered separately.
Aluminium manhole rings are supplied with stainless-steel thread inserts as standard.

The quality of the materials used is as follows:

  • Stainless-steel manholes and handholes: Stainless steel 316
  • Aluminium manholes and handholes: 5083-H321
  • Stainless-steel bolts: A4


Manholes with one central bolt

The pictures below give an impression of the working of manholes with one central bolt:

Manhole with one central bolt (front)

Manhole with one central bolt (front)

Manhole with one central bolt (back)

Manhole with one central bolt (back)

Spanner for manhole with single bolt

Spanner for manhole with single bolt

Some components are also available separately.
See the article group ‘Rubber seals’ for the rubber gaskets used for manholes.
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