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Rob Snel LIVE with new website

Sliedrecht, 21 July 2022

We proudly present our new website. On this website, our customers can now find almost all information about our products and services. The new website was necessary because the previous website was very outdated and provided too little information. This website was developed in 2010, with the idea that a company simply had to have a website. However, the website provided little more than contact details.

Pand Rob Snel

The company was founded by Rob Snel in 1969. Now, over 50 years later, the company consists of two companies, namely Rob Snel Technische Groothandel and Rob Snel Metaal & Techniek. Since 2003, Rob’s son, Sebastian, has been director/owner of Metaal & Techniek. After Rob’s death in 2020, sons Sebastian and Maurice and daughter Jeanine decided to run and develop Technische Groothandel together. One of the first big steps in this was the complete renewal of the website.

Rob (dad) didn’t set much store by a website. He always had to rely on delivering good quality products at a reasonable price, with flexibility and word-of-mouth advertising. As his children, we subscribe to the importance of these things. Because we are not under the illusion that everyone already knows us and we want to reach everyone we can add value to, the obvious thing to do was to drastically overhaul the website.

The most important starting point for the new website was that we had to have a top position in Google search results with the search terms that were important for us. That is why we chose to work with a web builder who specialises in search engine optimisation (SEO). By investing in SEO, we expect to achieve a top position in Google’s search results. This is also necessary because the website is now totally untraceable when searching for words such as door toggle, hatch toggle, hinge, manhole, watertight door or watertight hatch, even though these are our main products.

Looking over shoulder at website

It was also important to offer visitors sufficient product information. Our new website consists of more than 500 structured web pages with product information. Unfortunately, not all products on the site have images and drawings yet. We will add these in the coming months.
After selecting a product group (e.g. door toggles), you will see all the products in this product group. After this you can choose a subgroup (e.g. recessed door toggles) after which only the products in this subgroup will be shown. Then, by filtering, you will see more and more specifically which products fulfil your search requirements. After selecting the desired product, you will see all the desired product information at a glance: specifications, photos and technical drawings. If you wish, you can send multiple products found in one request, after which you will receive a quotation from us.

We are very curious to find out how visitors experience the new website and would like to receive feedback from you. This helps us to further improve the website and help our customers even better!

We look forward to welcoming you to our new website,
Sebastian, Maurice and Jeanine